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Credit origination

AsiaAnalytics’ credit origination templates helps your financial and insurance services firm achieve ambitious growth by helping you control credit risk. Expand your customer base without exposing your business to unnecessary additional risk - and limit your losses.

AsiaAnalytics’ credit origination template offer the following benefits:

Use customised scoring to identify risky applicants and assign differential limits according to the risk and income level of each applicant;

Use your existing IBM SPSS Modeler installation and incorporate multiple sources of internal and external data;

Reduce costs and limit your losses by filtering out high-risk prospects;

Achieve greater flexibility and control by using the repository for auditing purposes.

AsiaAnalytics’ credit origination template builds upon origination Automation, Risk model based on application forms, Fraud Model, Income Model in conjunction with consulting services.

Risk Management

AsiaAnalytics’ Risk Management template complements IBM SPSS Modeler’s built in functions through the integration of 4 new templates; limit management, risk behaviour model, collection model and Basel II.

Some of the benefits include:


Fraud detection

Identify and prevent fraud in real time. AsiaAnalytics’ fraud detection template helps you address the unique challenges of the Chinese market - all while using your existing IBM SPSS Modeler installation. Uncover fraud and act proactively, preventing damages or losses before they occur.

AsiaAnalytics Credit Scoring Solutions

As any credit manager knows, controlling risk is a delicate exercise. Too much credit exposure can lead to high default rates, while too little credit exposure might lead to loss of revenue. Assigning scores (credit scoring) to new credit applicants as well as existing customers allows to measure and balance risk exposure