IBM SPSS Statistics


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IBM SPSS Categories

Reveal underlying relationships in categorical data through perceptual maps with powerful optimal scaling and dimension reduction techniques.

Uncover the hidden potential of your data through dimension reduction techniques, preference scaling, predictive analysis, perceptual mapping and statistical learning, containing optimum measuring of your variables. IBM SPSS Categories supplies you with all the instruments you require to acquire powerful insights into complex numeric and categorical data, as well as high-dimensional data.

For example, you can use SPSS Categories to identify the features most closely associated with your brand or product by consumers, or to discover customer perception of your products in comparison to different products offered by you or your competition.

With SPSS Categories, you are able to conduct regression procedures when both outcome and predictor variables are ordinal, nominal or numeric, and can visually define data to spot the way in which columns and rows relate in large tables of similarities, counts, scores, rankings or ratings.