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To obtain the greatest value from its marketing budget, China Mobile needed to identify customers’ propensity to purchase and calculate their likely comparative value once they became customers. After creating accurate customer profiles, China Mobile intended to develop new products targeted to specific customer groups.


China Mobile selected IBM SPSS Modeler to analyse data and build exploratory models for its of new campaigns, which was aimed at its premium customers. The expected results? A higher response rate to marketing campaigns, increased product revenues - and an even greater market share for the company.


  • Improved direct mail campaign response rate 
  • Provided sales and marketing with a targeted “best prospects” list 
  • Identification of cross-sell opportunities

China Mobile is a leading supplier of local, national, and international phone and data services in China. With annual sales of 450 billion RMB, it also competes with other Chinese telecommunications companies. To retain its current customers, gain new customers, and maximise sales, the company needed facts about exactly who was buying its products and services. To identify these customers, the company established a customer and campaign analysis team, within its marketing division. The team’s first assignment was to model customer profiles for China Mobile’s SMS News product. The launch included a major direct mail campaign and national media coverage.