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Transform your business into an intelligent decision-making powerhouse with analytics applications from IBM. Turn data into knowledge, knowledge into action and empower your decision makers with contextual insights - using powerful analytics software delivered by AsiaAnalytics, China's leading analytics company.

Gain access to new insights, adapt to a changing market environment and seise new opportunities quickly. Deliver risk controlled plans and measure their effectiveness; take a proactive approach to unfolding risks and rapidly identify and seise opportunities. With IBM SPSS predictive analytics from AsiaAnalytics you will be able to accurately anticipate future business outcomes before you take actions.

Market Research

In today's highly competitive business environment, marked by widespread change and uncertainty, satisfying customers has never been more challenging. In particular, the challenge faced by corporations today is discerning the core needs of their customers in the face of decreasing brand loyalty and competition in an increasingly global marketplace more

Customer Analytics

Today, customer expectations are high and choices are typically based on interactions with brands names. Customers are empowered and connected now more than ever. Customers are able to access to information anywhere, any time. It makes it increasingly significant to predict how customers will behave, so you are able to respond more

Marketing Analytics

According to a survey in the Harvard Business Review (HBR), "more than 80% of respondents were dissatisfied with their ability to measure marketing ROI. In order to better predict and improve short-term and long-term profits, corporations are under high pressure from stakeholders to provide more accurate sales revenue more

Sales & Demand Forecasting

To better predict and improve short-term and long-term profits, companies are under increasing pressure from internal and external stakeholders to provide more accurate sales forecasts of revenue. Thus, companies are now turning to sales and demand forecasting analytics that provide an enterprise’s data flow into the forecasting process in order to maintain a competitive more

Credit risk

Credit risk has been brought into sharp focus recently, but it has also performed a significant role in the majority of financial crises. This ongoing situation requires precise analysis, and accurate management solution of credit exposure is an absolute necessity for more

Fraud detection

Fraud damages not only firms in several areas including financial, operational, and psychological, but also the monetary loss owing to fraud is significant. As a result, the full impact of fraud on a company can be astounding. Specifically, the losses in reputation, goodwill, and customer relations can be more

Predictive Maintenance

Maintenance costs are one of the largest factors affecting a plant’s budget. Attempts to reduce these costs have led to the development of various maintenance strategies. Predictive maintenance is a defect inspection strategy that uses indicators to prepare for future problems and predict when maintenance should be performed. This analytics technique offers cost more

Quality control

Today’s highly competitive business environment is marked by rapid change and uncertainty, therefore making profit is becoming increasingly challenging. Enterprises’ data is often disparate and geographically dispersed, which makes it difficult to leverage information for strategic more

Sports analytics

Decision-makers across sports organisations use Sports Analytics to help their organisation"s gain a competitive advantage on the field of play. Analytics are increasingly used to drive decisions in nearly every facet of the business, from ticket and merchandise sales to labor agreements to player contracts, to TV and digital media more

Business Intelligence

Recently business intelligence (BI) applications have become the highest technology priority. Many corporations are focusing on modernizing their BI infrastructures and practices to enhance agility, efficiency and optimisation costs. BI is more than just firm reporting and a set of tools to mine data out of enterprise more

Performance management

In a highly competitive industry, it is more important than ever for businesses to have inclusive and profound insight into their performance in order to enable them to identify their most profitable more