Analytics for Financial Services

The use of advanced analytics has now become a must for financial institutions. In a time of high uncertainty, intense competition, increasing risks and growing regulatory examination, banks, securities, and insurance companies are under great pressure to adapt and evolve. Analytics can help find new ways to overcome these challenges and increase revenue, profitability and growth.

AsiaAnalytics is offering the IBM SPSS Professional package at an extremely favourable price – but for a limited time and to FSI companies only. The software enables banking and insurance experts to perform various types of analyses relevant in their daily life including:

  • Econometrics
  • Statistical tests
  • Risk Modelling:

    • Generation of credit scorecards, e.g. calculation of PD (Probability to Default), LGD (Loss Given Default), etc.
    • Credit Limit Analysis
    • Criteria Analysis
    • Collections Analysis and Roll-Rate
    • Behavioral Model
    • Strategic Risk Analysis
    • Fraud Detection
  • Analytical CRM:

    • Customer Segmentation
    • Campaign Optimisation
    • Cross-selling / Up-selling
    • Customer Lifetime Value
    • Customer Attrition
    • Customer Profitability Analysis
    • Pre-Screening

Who should get it?

  • Risk Analysts and managers
  • Statisticians
  • Actuaries
  • Marketers
  • CRM experts
  • IT Managers
  • Market Researchers

Additional details

IBM SPSS® Statistics modules included:

  • Base
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Custom Tables
  • Regression
  • Categories
  • Data Preparation
  • Decision Trees
  • Forecasting
  • Missing Values
  • Price: RMB 48,880 (including VAT)
  • Offer valid until: 30th November 2013

Contact person:

Ms. Teddy Xia 

Phone: +86 (21) 6352 3525 


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