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IBM SPSS Modeler

IBM SPSS Modeler


SPSS Modeler is IBM's data mining workbench that enables you to create powerful predictive models that address your business needs and improve decision making.

IBM SPSS Modeler delivers the maximum return on investment within the minimum amount of time. As the industry leading data mining workbench, IBM SPSS Modeler provides the tools necessary to accompany you along the entire data mining process - and shorten time-to-solution. IBM SPSS Modeler is based on the de facto industry standard for data mining – CRISP-DM. CRISP-DM allows your business to continue do what it does best; solving specific business problems using data mining.

IBM SPSS Modeler is available in two editions: Professional and Premium. IBM SPSS Modeler Professional is used to analyse structured data to create predictive intelligence that supports data-driven business decisions. As a high-performance predictive and text analytics workbench, IBM SPSS Modeler Premium gives you unprecedented insight from your data and enables you to achieve superior outcomes and ultimately, a positive return on investment.

IBM SPSS Modeler can also be integrated with other IBM SPSS products to generate even more powerful analytical solutions to your various business problems. These integrations can be used to optimise your high-volume decision-making and improve collaboration between analytic developers and users.

Comparison of Editions

Modeler Professional

IBM SPSS Modeler Professional helps you uncover relationships stored within your structured data and deliver predictive insights about future events and interactions. Featuring an easy-to-use graphical drag-and-drop interface, Modeler can access data in your databases, mainframe data systems, flat files or within your Cognos BI environment.

Some of the highlights of IBM SPSS Modeler Professional include:

  • Quickly develop and validate models using Modeler’s powerful statistical and machine-learning techniques;

  • Better together: Integrate results into IBM Cognos Business Intelligence seamlessly;

  • Associate your results with geographical regions using visual geographical mapping;Conduct in-database analytics with a variety of databases.

Modeler Premium

Go beyond what is included in IBM SPSS Modeler Professional, with additional data mining features. Unlock information hidden in unstructured data with Text Analytics. Consolidate diverse data sources, such as structured and unstructured data and improve model accuracy with entity analytics.

Social network analysis takes the power of predictive analytics and applies it on the social sphere, to discover relationships and predict social behaviour.

SPSS Modeler Premium includes all the features of Modeler Professional, with the addition of:

  • Text analytics

  • Entity analytics

  • Social network analysis

Modeler Server

IBM SPSS Modeler Server speeds up resource-intensive operations resulting in faster performance on large-scale data mining projects.

SPSS Modeler Server is a centralised installation on a server running in distributed analysis mode alongside one or more IBM SPSS Modeler installations. Your business users can unload memory-intense on the server, omitting the need to download data on the client computer. IBM SPSS Modeler is compatible with SQL optimisation and in-database modelling capabilities; giving your business users the edge they require to finish their data mining projects faster and more effortlessly.

Features and Benefits

IBM SPSS Modeler enables you to effectively build and rapidly flow without the need for programming through automated modeling, text analytics and entity analytics. Automated modeling allows you to perform a wide variety of modeling approaches in a single run, which you can then easily compare with the results of other methods of modeling. Text analytics allows you to improve the accuracy of your predictive models by going beyond including unstructured data from a variety of sources, including social media, blog content, customer feedback and emails. This will enable you to capture customer sentiments and identify trends.

A vital feature for customer relationship management, fraud detection, and national security, entity analytics allows you to improve the consistency of your data by resolving similar entities. Beyond these features, you will also enjoy ease of use, simple data preparation and open architecture – all benefits exclusive to IBM SPSS Modeler.