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IBM SPSS Data Collection

IBM SPSS Data Collection


IBM SPSS Data Collection is used globally by survey and market researchers to gain a deeper understanding of people’s attitudes, preferences and opinions, in order for them to use this valuable insight in their decision-making processes.

IBM SPSS Data Collection offers a variety of authoring, interviewing and reporting capabilities that enable you to streamline the process of creating surveys; manage compelling surveys across a variety of formats, and; easily develop professional, interactive reports within both online and desktop environments.

IBM SPSS Data Collection also allows you take advantage of IBM SPSS Online Services and survey hosting capabilities, both of which allow you to save time and resources, and ultimately enable you to maximise the benefits of online data collection.


SPSS Data Collection Author

Author makes it really easy to create new surveys. Combining an intuitive user interface and predictive logic, Author helps you ensure high-quality data and increased response rates.

SPSS Data Collection Author includes capabilities to help you:

  • Achieve a guided approach to survey excellence at every step of the process.

  • Use one methodology for all surveys and deployment channels.

  • Collaborate and share efficiencies across your enterprise.

SPSS Data Collection Author Professional

SPSS Data Collection Professional is a complete suite of tools that allows you to develop automated survey research processes. It includes an integrated development environment (IDE) that enables you to create, edit, run and debug SPSS Data Collection scripts.

Furthermore, SPSS Data Collection Professional also gives you the ability to create scripts that can carry out various data management tasks. The various features of SPSS Data Collection Professional allow you to use advanced functionality to create effective surveys, and streamline your reporting process to share insights from your data more efficiently.

SPSS Data Collection Data Entry

IBM SPSS Data Collection Data Entry brings the power of two products - SPSS Data Collection Author and Data Collection Interviewer - into one single package. It helps you create surveys and register your survey responses - all with less effort and higher accuracy.

In particular SPSS Data Collection Data Entry helps you:

Conduct survey research more accurately and efficiently;

Conceive surveys using IBM SPSS Data Collection Author

Register responses with IBM SPSS Data Collection Interviewer.

SPSS Data Collection Data Model

IBM SPSS Data Collection Data Model supports you in every step of your survey research process. With resources, methodologies and technical guidance available at your fingertips, SPSS Data Collection Data Model helps you manage and tailor your survey research tasks.

The SPSS Data Collection Data Model provides capabilities to help you customise and manage your survey research processes; receive specialised guidance on specific tasks and functions, and access resources and documentation for more efficient survey research.

SPSS Data Collection Interviewer

Interviewer helps you conduct research that delivers deep insights at a cost-effective rate. Aimed at enhancing call centre productivity, Interviewer increases response rates and scale, while helping you keep costs under control. With sophisticated technology already built-in, Interviewer allows you to deliver engaging surveys by phone, over the internet, or through a personal face-to-face interview.

IBM SPSS Data Collection Interviewer Desktop offers capabilities that help you take your survey to the participant for improved survey research results; gain undiscovered flexibility and ease of use during interviews; and improve productivity by making much better use of your interviewers' time and skills.

SPSS Data Collection Paper

SPSS Data Collection Paper provides you with a fully-fledged solution that allows you to create visually compelling paper questionnaires with scanning and keyboard data entry possibility included. Use SPSS Data Collection Paper to create designs compatible for both keyboard-based data entry systems and scanning-based systems.

SPSS Data Collection Phone Interviewer

IBM SPSS Data Collection Phone Interviews makes it easy to conduct high-quality, cost-effective global research and gain deep insights from telephone interviews. It is designed to help reduce the costs of phone surveys while improving response rates and increasing scale by increasing the productivity of both actual and virtual call centers.

SPSS Data Collection Remote Administration

Combined with SPSS Data Collection Phone Interviewer, SPSS Data Collection Remote Administration enables you to manage your offline interviewers and projects, and track data synchronisation. In addition, the IBM SPSS Data Collection Interviewer Server security model guarantees your interviewers will get the right projects while you get the most current data.

SPSS Data Collection Survey Reporter

SPSS Data Collection Survey Reporter is a reporting and visualisation solution that provides you with the most value from customer feedback and survey research. It is designed for information consumers and survey researchers interested in interactive reporting and who seek to discover key insights from their survey data.

SPSS Data Collection Survey Reporter Developer Kit

SPSS Data Collection Survey Reporter Developer Kit increases your enterprise’s efficiency by running scripting and data management tasks on a server. Now you can automate data manipulation and report creation so that data collected in the morning can be made available to managers and executives in time for a meeting later in the same day.

SPSS Data Collection Survey Reporter Professional

SPSS Data Collection Survey Reporter Professional allows you to easily publish interactive reports and share them with various stakeholders interested in viewing the results within an online environment. SPSS Data Collection Survey Reporter Professional has been designed particularly for survey researchers and their information consumers. It also enables you to use role-based access to ensure that vital data files and reports are protected.

SPSS Data Collection Web Interviews

SPSS Data Collection Web Interviews provides a suite of tools required to conduct low-cost web surveys, both quickly and efficiently. This versatile software allows you to capture the attention of potential respondents and readily provide options they prefer to ensure they complete your survey accurately.