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Combining the world’s leading predictive analytics and data mining technology from IBM SPSS with highly customised research and business consulting services from AsiaAnalytics, our analytics solutions for transportation will help you tailor your services and improve your customer's end-to-end experience. Our transportation solutions do this by helping enhance operational efficiency, assure customer safety and security, optimise asset maintenance and deployment, and increase the agility of your customer sales and service systems.

As the supply chain has been increasing in complexity, it is becoming even more challenging to control transportation costs and drive profits to the bottom line. IBM business analytics solutions with transportation management system (TMS) provides insight into shipping operations by compiling and analysing value-added data from the network of shippers throughout the life of your contracts, orders, shipment, transactions, and freight payment activities, providing access to network benchmarks.

With IBM SPSS software, AsiaAnalytics will assist transportation companies to analyse and integrate their transportation information to get faster and better visibility into customer satisfaction, cost management, operational efficiency and reduce costs through continuous improvement to their programs. In addition, enhancing customer satisfaction by measuring on-time delivery performance is now possible with IBM’s analytical solutions.