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Combining the world’s leading predictive analytics and data mining technology from IBM SPSS with highly customised research and business consulting services from AsiaAnalytics, our analytics solutions for police will help you predict when crime will happen and allow you to act proactively, thereby enhancing public safety. Our police solutions do this by enabling you to identify crime patterns, predict when and where crimes are likely to occur, and take proactive and preventive action – ultimately making your citizens feel rest assured that you are ahead of the game.

Today, a growing number of law enforcement agencies have been adopting software tools with predictive analytics, based on algorithms that aim to predict crimes before they happen. Effective decision-making has always been done in the police force through their use of research, but now mathematics has also been added, which is where IBM comes in.

IBM software is based on predictive analytics. Specifically, it looks at records that have already been gathered by the force, such as graphs and witness statements, and then changes and analyses this into a set of algorithms, which looks at when the crimes have happened and at what locations. The key to success in predictive policing is getting as much data as possible to identify patterns, and that is the exactly how IBM’s predictive analytical solution is able to help you. This is especially useful in property crimes like auto theft and burglary, where patterns can be detected.

Common applications in this industry include the following: