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Combining the world’s leading predictive analytics and data mining technology from IBM SPSS with highly customised research and business consulting services from AsiaAnalytics, our analytics solutions for insurance will help you achieve a greater rate of renewals, a better total return on investment and a higher capacity for innovation. Our hospitality solutions do this by enabling you to use your sales force more efficiently, minimise risk, and accelerate performance for profitable growth.

Insurance companies are faced with intense competition, decreasing customer loyalty, and an increasing number of regulations and complicated risk environment. The pursuit of an insurance firm to become an informed enterprise at a time of rapidly changing market dynamics is stronger now more than ever.

IBM SPSS’ analytics solutions enable insurance companies to overcome these challenges and generate growth and profits. Business Intelligence and IBM Business Analytics technologies provide a consistent data foundation that stores the single version of the truth in an accessible manner. Insurers can focus on data quality and collecting, storing, managing, and analysing data effectively. Increased interest in predictive and descriptive analytics enables you to analyse various links of the business, detect fraud and risk patterns, decision support and intercept problematic issues. With IBM SPSS’ analytics, AsiaAnalytics will provide valuable insight and foresight to insurers.