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Combining the world’s leading predictive analytics and data mining technology from IBM SPSS with highly customised research and business consulting services from AsiaAnalytics, our analytics solutions for hospitality will help you improve overall guest experience, increase customer loyal and manage brand reputation. Our hospitality solutions do this by providing you with in-depth knowledge of guest behavior, which can be leveraged to increase guest relationship value, redesign service offerings and develop loyalty programs to maximise profits.

Today, consumers have active voices in demanding services in hospitality and entertainment, from hotels to events, theme parks and cruise lines. Customers have been more empowered and connected than ever. Customers are able to access to information anywhere, any time. Faced with high price pressures and the influence of consumers on others through social media, the hospitality industry struggles to adjust to shifting demand fast enough to optimise operations to reach the desired financial outcomes.

IBM SPSS analytical solution can help you maximise the value of services in hospitality by balancing spending in marketing and sales, as well as in staffing and fulfilment. In addition, it can provide deeper knowledge than merely increasing or decreasing spending based on volume. With close to a decade of experience in analytics of IBM SPSS, AsiaAnalytics enables your operations to be more effective by using analytics and metrics on the workforce to improve the customer's opinion of your business.