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SPSS solutions and its cutting-edge technology for statistical analysis, data mining, econometrics and data collection has now been in use for more than 30 years. Since the very beginning, the company and key people have always been committed and working very closely with academia (universities, training schools, etc.) - not only to collaborate with researchers in order to continuously enhance the products with the latest tests and algorithms, but also to provide professors, students and administrators easy and cheap access to the best analytical software available.

SPSS Korea, SPSS China, Xishu Taiwan (now AsiaAnalytics) extended this partnership in their respective territories and have continuously been growing the network. We are proud to count thousands of higher education institutions (including colleges, faculties, departments, affiliated hospitals and research centres, etc.) and hundreds thousands of students as our customers, respectively users. Thanks to our dedication over so many years, we understand the needs of universities and their decision makers better than anyone else in the market. This knowledge and deep partnership with the community has allowed us to offer IBM SPSS Statistics solutions and packages at unbeatable prices, combining them with a variety of services specifically designed for academia. Thus It is our mission to help users make the most out of SPSS in and out of the classroom, and to help everyone in Korea, China and Taiwan to excel at the extraction of knowledge from data.

For students

No matter the career objectives of university students (business, public administration, research, education), all of them need a basic understanding of analytics in order to get ready for the era of Big Data and fact-based decision making. Mastering IBM SPSS software will allow them to stand out from the crowd. That is why the instruction of statistical analysis, data mining and survey research is becoming increasingly important. The learning process works best when instructors are able to illustrate the theory with practical example and provide hands-on experience with the tools most likely to be used in real-world, for instance IBM SPSS Statistics and IBM SPSS Modeler.

For instructors

Likewise, we fully understand that educators do not want to spend their time to learn new analysis programs and creating courses around those applications, but prefer to teach and do research. The instructional material and methodologies that AsiaAnalytics has developed over the years will facilitate the task for professors to support their students master the skills needed in today's workplace by incorporating statistical analysis and data mining content into their undergraduate and graduate level courses.


Therefore, as part of our commitment to enable students and instructors, support them in their research endeavours and develop them into analytical experts, we provide a wide range of training courses around the use of IBM SPSS Statistics and IBM SPSS Modeler, some of which are designed specifically for high education. Our instructors, in-house as well as external partners, are among the best and most recognised in their respective fields. These include famous professors, domain specialists or experienced consultants with in-depth expertise.

Software bundles

The software packages offered to academic institutions are designed to maximise the value for both research and didactic purposes, matching the needs of scholars and instructor from various disciplines and subject areas – be it in statistics, mathematics, engineering, computer science, medicine, economics, business administration, sociology, psychology, humanities or other social sciences. IBM SPSS Statistics covers all the necessary methods, techniques and algorithms to successfully carry out statistical analysis and data mining projects and realise all kinds of the business analytics applications. Furthermore the software is targeted to all kinds of users, from beginners to experienced analysts to expert statisticians or data scientists. The following three product bundles are the most commonly within the high education community:


IBM SPSS Base constitutes is the core product of within the IBM SPSS Statistics family. It allows users to prepare and visualise data, and to perform the most fundamental types of statistical analyses and tests.

IBM SPSS Statistics Standard

IBM SPSS Statistics Standard is usually chosen as an intermediary option, and includes IBM SPSS Statistics Base, IBM Advanced Statistics, and IBM SPSS Regression.


IBM SPSS Statistics Premium Academic