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Sports Analytics

Sports analytics

Decision-makers across sports organisations use Sports Analytics to help their organisation's gain a competitive advantage on the field of play.

Analytics are increasingly used to drive decisions in nearly every facet of the business, from ticket and merchandise sales to labor agreements to player contracts, to TV and digital media deals. Data analytics is playing a central role in the sports industry with the new approach of doing more with less money, which is called the "Moneyball" approach to finding ways to prioritise investments. In its simplest form, the “Moneyball” concept involves the use of quantitative statistical analysis to more accurately predict a player’s future performance than previous evaluation models. Around the world, both baseball and football are using analytical solutions to guide personnel recruitment and performance.

IBM SPSS analytics software continues to evolve along with the sports industry. It is impossible to separate sports and data since everywhere we look in sports, there's always data. Data collected from sports can provide insight into the performance of players. Data is also an essential factor to predict and prevent injury on the pitch. Data analytics in sports is also significant to create a better fan experience. AsiaAnalytics analytical solutions provides a better set of data-driven tools for more efficiently managing and making decisions in the world of professional sports – multibillion dollar industries that feature multimillion dollar payrolls, a variety of highly visible and complex decisions, and a growing set of opportunities for analytics.

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