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Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics

According to a survey in the Harvard Business Review (HBR), "more than 80% of respondents were dissatisfied with their ability to measure marketing ROI. In order to better predict and improve short-term and long-term profits, corporations are under high pressure from stakeholders to provide more accurate sales revenue prediction." Through marketing analytics, marketers are able to engage more effectively with customers and improve the return on ROI.

IBM SPSS solution for marketing analytics is the measurement and optimisation of customers’ marketing activities. Rather than focusing only on corporate site’s performance like many firms do with on the web, companies should focus on how marketing efforts are performing in real time, and manage them accordingly. IBM’s marketing analytics, takes a holistic approach to the measurement of your marketing by going beyond on-site indicators and integrating it with other tools, offsite metrics, and even offline efforts.

Beyond the obvious sales and lead generation applications, AsiaAnalytics can offer penetrating insights into customer seeable preferences and trends. Despite these lucrative advantages, a majority of corporations fail to ever realize the benefits of marketing analytics. IBM SPSS software enables clients to identify the causes of customer churn, selling opportunities, customer groups, customer behaviours, sales trends, and promotional tactics impacts.

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