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Market Research

Market Research

In today's highly competitive business environment, marked by widespread change and uncertainty, satisfying customers has never been more challenging. In particular, the challenge faced by corporations today is discerning the core needs of their customers in the face of decreasing brand loyalty and competition in an increasingly global marketplace.

IBM SPSS analytical solutions can help a company with better insight on their customers, thus providing insight-based business decision support. In addition, IBM SPSS market research solutions focus on offering better understanding about the market, customer, and product/service. This enables clients to identify and understand brand strength, product awareness, customer satisfaction and retention, degree of customer loyalty, and product pricing.

AsiaAnalytics’ analytical expertise, industry familiarity, commitment to operational excellence and a sound global delivery model, assists leading companies with enhancing business performance. IBM SPSS software, which includes analytics, market research, and business and financial research, provides actionable insights to corporations across a wide range of industries, such as Banking and Financial Services, Consumer Goods, Entertainments, Manufacturing and Retail.