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Fraud Detection

Fraud detection

Fraud damages not only firms in several areas including financial, operational, and psychological, but also the monetary loss owing to fraud is significant. As a result, the full impact of fraud on a company can be astounding. Specifically, the losses in reputation, goodwill, and customer relations can be devastating. As fraud can be perpetrated by either an employee or by those from the outside the company, it is extremely important to have an effective fraud detection solution in place to safeguard your firm’s assets and reputation.

In order to find automatic associations and rules in the data, IBM SPSS can provide data mining to classify, cluster and segment the data, which may signify interesting patterns, including those related to fraud. In addition, since acts of fraud are observed in the right sequence over time,

the analytics pattern recognition can detect that suspicious activity is taking place.

AsiaAnalytics can provide you with successful investigative solutions in different areas of fraud crimes. A significant step in fraud detection analytics is detecting the patterns in your data between people, places, systems, and events. IBM SPSS turns your data into an asset, letting you visually interact with data from more sources, over longer periods, and in more dynamic ways than ever.

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