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Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics

Today, customer expectations are high and choices are typically based on interactions with brands names. Customers are empowered and connected now more than ever. Customers are able to access to information anywhere, any time. It makes it increasingly significant to predict how customers will behave, so you are able to respond accordingly. By tracking purchases, marketing responses and surveys, IBM SPSS analytics software enables firms to understand marketers and better meet their needs, thus creating relevant customer experiences and building brand loyalty.

IBM SPSS analytics solutions bring together the data today’s marketers need to understand what customers are telling them through their activities, response to communications and social conversations. With the understanding of IBM SPSS, AsiaAnalytics enables to provide data analysis and visualisation tools to enhance customer insights. Marketers are able to engage more effectively with customers and improve the ROI. Ultimately the deeper and broader your understanding of customers' buying habits and lifestyle preferences, the more precise your predictions of future buying behaviours will be. Successfully firms will be at delivering relevant offers that attract rather than alienate customers. 


Customers have different needs, identifying and using these different segments to your advantage is the real challenge, tailoring to the diverse customer’s needs more

Customer Profiling

Customer profiling is a way to create a portrait of your customers to help you make design decisions concerning your service. Your customers are broken down into groups of customers sharing similar goals and characteristics and each group is given a representative with a photo, a name, and a description ... read more

Churn Prediction

With competition mounting in mature markets, customer acquisition and retention is a considerable challenge even for established market leaders. The first challenge is to attract customers and the second is to actually make them stay with your company more

Customer Lifetime Value Prediction

Accurate input information is the cornerstone of sound managerial decision making. Understanding the future lifetime value of customers is a key component in making accurate managerial decisions, such as how to apply resources on retention or acquisition activities. Additionally, accurate customer lifetime value (CLV) prediction can be used for effective segmentation of customers more

Campaign Optimisation

Maintaining the company’s growth is an essential part of daily business. However, trying to push too much growth and having risk with using too many ineffective methods more

Cross-selling / Up-Selling / Re-selling

Increasing revenue often means acquiring new customers, yet it is far more cost-effective to sustain and increase sales from existing customers more