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Credit Risk

Credit risk

Credit risk has been brought into sharp focus recently, but it has also performed a significant role in the majority of financial crises. This ongoing situation requires precise analysis, and accurate management solution of credit exposure is an absolute necessity for firms.

The analysis and management of credit risk is significant for firms that provide loans to businesses and individuals. Credit risk occurs in various aspects and for many reasons, including the purchase of mortgage loans, motor vehicles, credit cards, and installments. Credit loans and finances have always been exposed to the risk of being defaulted. In order to understand the risk levels of various credit users, firms providing credit normally collect vast amounts of information from borrowers.

IBM SPSS statistical predictive analytics solution can be used to analyse this information and ultimately determine risk levels involved in credits, finances, and loans, i.e., default risk levels. AsiaAnalytics assists you with a highly enhanced understanding of credit risk, customer scoring, profitable potentiality and customer credit worthiness.

This application is commonly used in the following industries: