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The Predictive Enterprise

AsiaAnalytics is the leading provider of IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics.

The world contains a massive amount of digital data today, and it’s increasing tenfold every 10 years. Everything and everyone - from intelligent machines to social networking - is producing massive amounts of data.

AsiaAnalytics is committed to turning your data into relevant information, extracting knowledge from that information, and finally leveraging that knowledge for superior decision-making, and ultimately positive business outcomes. 

Data → Insights → Performance

We help businesses utilise the various tools that are necessary for success in a data-driven future, where thousands of interconnected devices communicate with each other.

We help companies filter out the noise and isolate the insights that really matters to them, efficiently and cost-effectively.

We help businesses uncover meaningful connections contained in these insights - and turn that information into knowledge that converts into better decisions and thus into superior performance.

From data into performance: our predictive analytics solutions help businesses improve their decision-making processes by relying on data rather than intuition.